The Beezebel Beast by Catherine Akosile

     The beast stirred and sniffed the changing wind trying to catch the scent of the girl; it slowly walked between the gravestones stopping to listen to the night sounds. Jay stood frozen in the alleyway between the old church wall and the side of the shed; she was paralysed with fear, her eyes wide taking in every detail. She held her hands tightly to her chest, holding her breath, daring not to blink so she would not miss seeing the beast. She listened intently and she knew that the beast had moved near the pond because she could hear it drinking thirstily.

     She slowly began to relax and blinked to relieve the dryness of her eyes; slowly Jay moved forward toward the entrance of the tiny alley. Her legs were shaking and she did not know if she could make it that far, she un-gripped her hands and placed each hand on the wall that was adjacent to it. She pushed against the walls for support as she continued to the entrance, once she reached the entrance she knelt down and covered her mouth quickly as she unexpectedly felt the damp grass under her knees and a sudden chill ran down her legs. Composing herself Jay slowly peered around the shed wall and looked in the direction of the pond. The light was fading as the evening was drawing into the night and the shadows around the trees by the pond were casting a dark hood over the water. Jay could not see the beast, “where was it” she thought. She moved her face out a little bit further and focused her eyes but could not see the beast. Suddenly the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she knew by intuition that the beast was at the other end of the alleyway.

     Jay turned in a trance like state, gradually standing up, all senses alert, she looked toward the end of the tiny alley and saw the sky, which had darkened to a light indigo. She saw the dark silhouettes of the gravestones on the rising hill, but as she moved her eyes down, there was darkness in place of the yellow and pink tulips in the church garden. “I’m seeing things, I’ve been staring at the dark too long, please…’ her thoughts were interrupted by two yellow dots appearing in the darkness. Jay started backing into the entrance still looking at the two yellow dots, which now she could see had smaller black dots in the centre. She was out in the cool evening air and could smell the scent of the sweet flowers instead of the stale smell of dead weeds that were in the alley. The dots or eyes did not seen to be moving but Jay could not tell, the adrenaline started to pump into her legs and she turned and ran towards the gates of the church grounds. She heard a growl and the shed cracking at what must have been the beast trying to get into the tiny alley.

     Jay’s heart was pounding and her legs seemed not to be a part of her as she flew towards the gates. The gates stood slightly ajar and she could see the path leading towards the road.

     “If I could just get to the gates and than shut it in and……” her thoughts were interrupted again because she heard in the distance pounding footsteps on her right.

     “No” she screamed as she realised that the beast had gone round the shed and was gaining speed on her.

     Jay quickly glanced to the side and nearly stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of the beast in the evening sky. The huge dark monstrous beast was like no creature Jay had ever seen, its face was full of teeth, and two massive fangs were hanging below its lower lip. She pulled her eyes away from the scene, pumped her legs more, and stretched her arms out to be ready to open the gates as soon as she arrived. As she did this, the ground disappeared from beneath her feet and the earth came rushing towards her as she flew towards the ground.

     A few metres away from the gate and the beast, Jay lay with a mouth full of damp earth; the wind was knocked out of her. The pounding of the beast continued and the growling got louder. Jay hearing this in her dazed state tried to crawl towards the gate thinking that if she could just get out and close the gate she would be safe. She crawled towards the gate gripping the damp earth and pulling herself forward, the beast stepped on her leg.

     The weight stopped her in her tracks, she started to scream and cry at the same time, and the beast growled in her ear. It had put one of its legs on her left leg and Jay started to push herself up hoping to push the beast off. It shifted its weight and landed on top of her and with its six legs it pinned her down. The gruesome drool was dripping into her hair and down the side of her face. The smell was unbearable and Jay was near fainting, her stomach erupted and Jay was holding down her vomit with difficultly due to its weight. The beast licked her ear, the drool ran into her ear and it ran its tongue across her hair. It shifted again; this time Jay felt the weight lift off her, shocked by the sudden release Jay for a moment did not move. Than all her senses kicked in and she bolted up and froze as she saw the beast in the distance through the gate, she was confused, was it an hallucination. There was a growl behind her, her first reaction was to step forward but she turned around in one single movement. She was just a couple of feet away from the beast, it was half the size of her, black as the earth, and its face was as ugly disfigurement of teeth. A scream escaped her as Jay backed away but she stopped as she realised that there was another beast behind her, it was not an hallucination.

     It growled back at the first beast and the skin on her back crawled, a million thoughts were coming into her mind and she wanted to die. Than a loud voice interrupted and it said run, and she did. Jay turned left and ran towards the mausoleum hoping to find a place to hide. The air was cold against her face and she felt that she could just survive this ordeal; she picked up her pace, her feet just touching the earth as she was flying through the air again.

     As she reached the mausoleum, the large stone building was a welcoming sight a beautiful building but sad in its role as the house of the dead. Many times she has been there wondering through the tombs and reading the inscriptions for the dead, but now all she wanted was to hide and wait till morning. Jay pushed the door of the mausoleum open and rubbed her hand up and down the wall trying to find the switch, her hand just rubbed bare wall. Panic stuck her she moaned and tears started to run down her cheeks, she heard noises in the distance and turned away from the door. Jay rubbed her eyes wiping the tears away and saw in the fading light two dark figures in the distance, the figures blurred together. She stopped crying and thought that she could be lucky if they are fighting, than the beast would forget about her and she could escape in the morning. She turned and moved forward using the wall as support and found the first step and the light switch. The light dazed her and she shielded her eyes but continued down the steps. By the last step, her eyes were used to the light and she ran to the back of the mausoleum. In the last room, there were two large tombs and she ran to hide behind them. She stopped again and this time screamed, the couple moved back and looked terrified.

     “What the hell are you doing here?” Jay screamed.

     “Jay are you checking up on me” the boy said this as he got up and pulling a slim brunette with him.

     “ I can’t believe you brought another girl to our place, it’s just been a week” Jay said this as tears started to well up and for the moment, the pain of the last few days came back and she forgot her fears.

     “Look, you’re just a pathetic little girl, he doesn’t want you, so get out of here,” said the unidentified girl. Jay, for that moment, was just about to argue when she remembered, and quickly dropped behind the tomb.

     “What are you doing, are you crazy?” the girl said as she grabbed Jay to pull her up. Jay grabbed her instead and pulled her down beside her and said, “There are two beasts out there I am not leaving”

     The girl looked at her and started laughing, Samuel kneel down and put his hand on the girl’s shoulder.

     “Look, she’s telling the truth look at her face”

     “Forget this, if she’s not leaving, I’m going” She said this as she pulled her coat on and picked up her bag and a torch.

     “Terry stop, hold on let me come” Samuel said this as he got up pulling on his coat.

     “No, talk to her and make sure she knows it is finished”

     Terry walked out and Samuel turned to Jay who was cowering in the corner.

     “There is a beast out there I’m telling you the truth” Jay said closing her eyes.

     “What, that stupid legend about the Beezebel beast, we’ve been here so many times and nothing ever happ…..”He broke off and turned suddenly.

     Jay widened her eyes at the same time because they both heard it, the scream. Samuel turned and ran towards the door.

     “No, they will kill you to, stay with me” Jay screamed.

     Samuel continued to run and did not once look back at Jay. She watched him fade out of her sight and she curled up into a ball and waited, then she was interrupted by another scream. This time it was deeper and was accompanied by loud cracking noises. Jay covered her ears to block out any more sound and started humming to herself, the minutes passed by and Jay drifted into a light sleep.

     Jay awoke suddenly confused by the sudden consciousness and than she smelt it, it was the smell that woke her. Her body stiffened, her stomach knotted and hot salty tears started to run down her cheeks. She began to shake violently and she held onto herself more tightly. Jay quietly moaned and pleaded that it was not what she thought, she moved slowly and looked around the tomb, and there they were in the doorway blocking the only exit. They saw her and their faces opened up with teeth, Jay’s eyes widened when she saw the blood mixed in the drool, this blood was dripping onto the floor next to the ripped off arm. As Jay looked at the nightmare that was before her, she felt the power in her legs slowly deteriorating. She screamed and backing away she hit the wall, she continued to scream as she slid down the wall as her legs gave way and pushed herself into the corner. The beasts looked at her; both of them opening their mouths, the left one pounded its foot and moved back. Jay saw their yellow eyes with the black dots in the middle; they moved their heads down and braced themselves to jump. Jay threw up her arms and screamed at the top of her lungs as the beasts leapt forward over the tombs towards her.

ENDS © Catherine Akosile